Bonding, Shaping & contouring in Palo Alto

What is dental bonding, shaping & contouring?

Dental bonding and shaping & contouring are two different procedures that are often performed together to achieve the ultimate transformation of your teeth. Dental bonding involves bonding a composite resin material to your teeth to build up the structure. 

This is great for repairing chips or cracks, filling in gaps, covering up discoloration, or changing the shape of your teeth. Shaping & contouring, also known as enameloplasty, is the removal of a small amount of your natural tooth enamel to change the appearance of the tooth. 

This may be necessary for teeth that are too sharp, too long, or just unevenly shaped or sized. When combining both procedures, you can completely transform your smile. Contact us at Mary Qian Dental Group today to schedule an appointment with your dentist in Palo Alto.

dental bonding in Palo Alto

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Dental bonding, shaping & contouring take about 30-60 minutes per tooth.

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How it works: The dental bonding process

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Dr. Mary Qian will examine your teeth to determine if you are a good candidate for dental bonding.

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dental cleaning

Before bonding your teeth, we will clean and polish your smile.

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tooth preparation

A shade guide will be used to match the shade of your teeth to the composite resin. We will then roughen up the top layer of your enamel with an etching liquid to encourage bonding.

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Composite resin is applied, molded, and sculpted to each tooth. The resin is then cured with UV light.

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additional sculpting

After the resin has been cured, additional shaping & sculpting can be performed and the tooth will be polished.

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Dental bonding is an alternative to teeth whitening which lasts much longer.

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what are the benefits of dental bonding?

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Dental bonding is a minimally invasive and painless procedure that usually does not require any anesthesia. It is also a great alternative to more expensive and invasive procedures such as veneers and dental crowns. 

Both of these procedures require significant removal of the tooth enamel which is irreversible and are much longer and expensive procedures. Dental bonding is also a much longer-lasting alternative to teeth whitening. Bonding, shaping & contouring is a highly effective way to transform the appearance of your teeth and mask dental imperfections, causing an increase in confidence.

how long does dental bonding last?

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Depending on a variety of factors, like oral hygiene habits and lifestyle habits, dental bonding can last between 3 and 10 years. The bonding material can chip or crack due to normal wear and tear or some form of oral trauma.

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Dental bonding is ideal for fixing minor cosmetic imperfections.

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